Birthday Flowers

Flowers for Birthday are one of the best and original presents. People will be always glad to it such presents are always long-awaited and cheer up. In birthday, a bouquet, a composition, a basket can be not too magnificent. And a present for an anniversary is always a beautiful bouquet or, a more preferably flowers basket. Besides there can be not only flowers in the basket, but also fruits, a bottle of good wine, a box of chocolates.

But it is worth to remind that any bouquet presented with love even if it consists of only one carnation or spring tulip, sometimes means much more, than a huge smart bouquet which is difficult to keep in hands.

If a girl is brunette – for her will suit red roses, large gladioluses, dahlias, bright orchids, and bright carnations. Bright red colors make the brunette even more attractive.

If a girl is blonde – everything is absolutely on the contrary. To her will suit gentle-pink, white and light yellow colors. And it doesn’t matter what kind of flowers these are – whether roses, chrysanthemums, callas, lilies or orchids.

To red-haired girls will suit dark roses, violet and dark orchids, violets, hyacinths, gladioluses and many other flowers, especially of dark blue and violet color. And if there is a lot of green in the bouquet, than such bouquet will perfectly suit both a red-haired girl and a brown-haired girl. Though brown-haired girls usually like simple field or wild flowers.

For any bouquet is extremely important a psychological implied sense of visually perceived general color scale: the prevalence of red tonality creates solemn, cheerful mood; white tonality creates – sensation of freshness and cleanliness; orange and yellow tonality – warmth and light; blue tonality – confidence.

Everybody knows that rose is a symbol of love and beauty. And do you know that the color of roses is very important too. And other flowers can tell a lot of interesting things.

The rose origin doesn’t matter it is undoubtedly the most known symbol of beauty and love. Pay attention on the sense of roses color.

So, red and white roses in one bouquet mean unity, pink mean grace and elegance, and yellow mean pleasure or pleasure of communication. It is possible to express your feelings and desires with the help of orange or coral roses. Dark red or claret roses will tell your beloved person that she is very beautiful. Pink roses mean hope and tenderness.

A single rose means modesty, and is good in addition for a present. A person who chooses violet color is deeply and thin feeling person who is guided by eternal values and very seriously concerns to his environment, in this case to you.  The fresh orange tone symbolizes the optimistical relation to the validity, a sign of attachment and passionate desires. Yellow color is good for expression of rough feelings too. Scarlet flowers say about ardent deep feeling and passionate desire. White flowers are paints of cleanliness and innocence – a bright proof of tender feelings, respect and passionate attachment of your beloved person.

It is considered that to each zodiacal sign there corresponds a flower:

Aries – geranium

Taurus – rose

Twins – orchid, rose, violet

Cancer – lotus, lily, white rose

Lion – lily of the valley, orchid, gladiolus

Maiden – carnation, lavender

Scales – lotus

Scorpion – narcissus

Sagittarius – lavender, violet

Capricorn – orchid, poppy

Aquarius – lily, narcissus

Fishes – rose