• Chionodoxa luciliae among early spring blooming flowers

    Spring season flowers remind us that the winter comes to end and soon will enjoy spring warm solar beams, brightly green grass and fine aromas of blossoming trees! Early spring flowers, perhaps are one of the most gentle and beautiful of all flowers! The inhabitants of tropical countries will never understand what it means.

    After several months of cold weather, many people become sensitive to the harbingers of spring. And some people consider that crocuses are the first spring flowers that bloom, but there are a lot of small bulbous plants blooming even earlier. These plants usually have lower stalks and smaller flowers, but at group landing they create the same effect in landscape, as well as bulbous plants of big size, as, for example, tulips and narcissus.

    Chionodoxa luciliae – earliest spring flowers

    The first spring flower is Chionodoxa or «Glory of the snow» (Chionodoxa luciliae). Chionodoxa luciliae meets in several color variants, but everyone has its own features. These are exclusively cold-resistant bulbs and they are easy for growing up, as they do not demand special attention. Low, charming in their grace and heavenly blue chionodoxas can be met about thawing snows of mountains, on the Alpine meadows (at the height of 2 km).

    The beauty chionodoxa luciliae blossoms in early spring, within two weeks. On its thin small stalk (till 15 cm in height) takes place nearby 10-15 wide bells looking upwards flowers (with the average diameter of 3 cm). During the blooming of chionodoxa, its curtain from several bulbs represents a magnificent “small basket” filled with graceful flowers lined with their graceful bright emerald leaflets.

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