• How to buy flowers and how to choose the best flowers

    1. We approach to the stand confidently, but polite.

    2. First, we look through the assortment; – the choice has to be wide.

    3. We contemptuously look at the collected bouquets. Advice: do not try to choose in roses the long-legged claret beauties. They do not worth it.

    4. Take a flower, get it from water, and examine it from all the sides

    5. Look attentively at the bud it has to be fresh and elastic.

    7. Imagine that you take from the surface a handful of sand with your finger-tips and pass the sand through your fingers, gently and accurately, then very quietly touch the flower bud with your fingers – it has to be a little bit damp and if the top leaves are dry – refuse it.

    8. Look at the cut of the flower’s stalk – it should not be black, smell it, there should be no smells.

    9. Accurately inhale the aroma of a bud, THE FLOWER SHOULD SMELL AS THE FLOWER.

    10. Look at the small green leaflets under the bud; they should embrace the bud as a small children’s handle and they do not have to be turned off, drooped or dangled downwards.

    If all these requirements are observed, start to choose further, usually, one party standing in one container is approximately identical. To correctly choose and buy flowers – is big science. Be vigilant!

    Advices to make flowers live longer

    By the way, a good bouquet can be defined not only on the appearance but also on the so-called “foot”. The bouquet has to be collected according to spiral, all the stalks should be accurately cut, in an ideal by knife, instead of secateurs (from the knife the cut is longer), after the place of bandaging of the bouquet there should not be leaves on stalks, thorns on roses, etc.

    If there were used not quite fresh flowers, they were in compositions in which they stood, it is necessary to say, that long enough, a big cut was made because of the flowers were cut too short. If to thrust such a flower in oasis correctly (it is a green sponge), it will stay long enough time.

    The rose stays long better, if accurately to remove the thorns from the stalk with a knife, without injuring stalk itself.

    Alstroemerias stay long better if to remove the leaves from the stalk.

    Chrysanthemums stay long better, if not to cut the stalk, but to break it, and to break so, that to make it shaggy.

    At tulips the leaves should not to be broken, but accurately to cut off. The stalk has to be washed from dirt in the place of a joint with leaves. And it is not necessary to spray the buds, because they rot.

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