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    Through the ages, flowers have served as symbols and emblems. Many nations and countries have adopted flowers as their emblems. Thus, Ireland has its shamrock, France has its fleur de lis. Such national flowers are often associated with history, traditions or legends. The United States has no national flower, but each of its states and the District of Columbia as well have chosen a flower as its own. The initial selections were made by schoolchildren, women’s clubs, and other groups. In most US states, the legislature officially adopted the flower.

    The bouquet on the picture shows all the US state flowers as of 1953. The key picture above and the list below identify the flowers by the America States. The sagebrush of Nevada and the violet of Rhode Island have not yet won official acceptance. Alabama’s camellia, Indiana’s peony, Alaska’s forget me not, and Hawaii’s hibiscus are not absolutely official because Alabama and Indiana chose their official flowers after 1953 and Alaska and Hawaii were not yet the American States when the bouquet was made. The flowers shown for Alabama and Indiana were traditionally associated with them.

    List of us state flowers

    Alabama State flower – Camellia.

    Alaska State flower – Forget me not.

    American Samoa flower – Paogo.

    Arizona State flower – Saguaro cactus.

    Arkansas State flower – Apple blossom.

    California State flower – California poppy.

    Colorado State flower – Rocky Mountain columbine.

    Connecticut State flower – Mountain laurel.

    Delaware State flower – Peach blossom.

    District of Columbia – American Beauty rose.

    Florida State flower – Orange blossom.

    Georgia State flower – Cherokee rose, Azalea.

    Guam flower – Bougainvillea.

    Hawaii State flower – Hibiscus.

    Idaho State flower – Syringa.

    Illinois State flower – Violet, Milkweed.

    Iowa State flower – Wild prairie rose.

    Indiana State flower – Peony.

    Kansas State flower – Sunflower.

    Kentucky State flower – Goldenrod.

    Lousiana State flower – Magnolia.

    Maryland State flower – Black-eyed Susan.

    Maine State flower – White pine cone and tassel.

    Massachusets State flower – Mayflower.

    Michigan State flower – Apple blossom.

    Minnesota State flower – Lady’s slipper.

    Mississippi State flower – Magnolia.

    Missouri State flower – Hawthorn.

    Montana State flower – Bitterroot.

    Nebraska State flower – Goldenrod.

    Nevada State flower – Sagebrush.

    New Hampshire State flower – Purple lilac.

    New Jersey State flower – Violet.

    New Mexico State flower – Yucca.

    New York State flower – Rose.

    North Carolina State flower – Dogwood.

    North Dakota State flower – Wild prairie rose.

    Ohio State flower – Scarlet carnation, Trillium.

    Oklahoma State flower – Mistletoe.

    Oregon State flower – Oregon grape.

    Pennsylvania State flower – Mountain laurel.

    Rhode Island State flower – Violet.

    South Carolina State flower – Yellow jasmine.

    South Dakota State flower – American pasqueflower.

    Tennesse State flower – Iris, Purple passionflower.

    Texas State flower – Bluebonnet.

    Utah State flower – Sego lily.

    Vermont State flower – Red clover.

    Virginia State flower – Dogwood.

    Washington State flower – Coast Rhododendron.

    West Virginia State flower – Rhododendron.

    Wisconsin State flower – Violet.

    Wyoming State flower – Indian paintbrush.

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