• Types of flowers symbolism and meanings

    Absinth or Wormwood – means separation and torment of love.
    Acacia – means platonic Love, concealed love.
    Aconite or Monkshood – means misanthropy and poisonous words.
    Adams’s Needle – means a friend in need.
    Adonis – means recollection of life’s pleasure.
    Almond – means virginity and fruitfulness.
    Almond blossom – means hope and watchfulness.
    Aloe – means wisdom and integrity.
    Allspice – means compassion.
    Alyssum (sweet) – means worth beyond beauty.
    Amaranth – means unchangeable, fidelity.
    Amaryllis – means pastoral poetry, pride.
    Ambrosia – means your love is reciprocated.
    Anemone – means refusal and abandonment, forsaken.
    Apple – means symbol of perpetual concord.
    Apricot blossom – means timid love.
    Arborvitae – means true friendship.
    Arbutus – means thee only do I love.
    Artemisia – means symbol of dignity.
    Asphodel – means languor and regret.
    Aster – means daintiness, symbol of love.
    Azalea – means fragile and ephemeral passion.

    Baby’s Breath – means happiness.
    Bay Wreath – means reward of merit.
    Begonia – means Beware! I am fanciful!
    Bindweed – means coquette and busybody.
    Bittersweet – means truth.
    Blackthorn or Sloe – means difficulty and austerity.
    Blue Bell – means delicacy and humility.
    Bouquet of Withered flowers – means rejected love.
    Burdock – means importunity and boredom.
    Buttercup – means childishness.

    Cactus – means bravery and endurance.
    Calla – means majestic beauty.
    Camellia – means excellence and steadfastness.
    Camellia red – means you are a flame in my heart.
    Camellia white – means you are adorable.
    Chamomile – means initiative and ingenuity.
    Candytuft – means indifference.
    Canterbury Bell – means constancy and warning.
    Cardinal flower – means distinction and splendor.
    Carnation – means fascination.
    Carnation pink – means emblem of Mother’s Day, I will never forget you.
    Carnation purple – means antipathy and capriciousness.
    Carnation red – means admiration, my heart aches for you.
    Carnation striped – means No, Sorry, I cannot be with you.
    Carnation white – means pure love, sweet love, innocence.
    Carnation yellow – means disdain and rejection.
    Cedar leaf – means I live for thee.
    Chestnut – means independence and injustice.
    China Aster – means jealousy and after-thought.
    Chrysanthemum – means you are a wonderful friend.
    Chrysanthemum red – means I love you.
    Chrysanthemum white – means truth.
    Chrysanthemum yellow – means slighted love.
    Cinnamon – means love and beauty.
    Clematis – means artifice and ingenuity.
    Clove – means dignity and restraint.
    Clover – means fertility and domestic virtue.
    Clover four leafed – means symbol of Good Luck.
    Clover five leafed – means symbol of Bad Luck.
    Cockscomb or Celosia – means silliness or foppery.
    Coltsfoot – means maternal love and care.
    Columbine – means cuckoldry and deserted love.
    Convolvulus – means humble perseverance.
    Coreopsis – means always cheerful.
    Cornflower – means delicacy.
    Crane’s Bill or Wild Geranium – means constancy and availability.
    Crocus – means youthful gladness, attachment, cheerfulness.
    Crown Imperial – means majesty and power.
    Cyclamen – means resignation, goodbye.

    Daffodil – means emblem of annunciation or regard, unrequited love.
    Dahlia – means good taste.
    Daisy – means gentleness, innocence, loyal love.
    Dandelion – means oracle of time and love, faithfulness, happiness.
    Day Lily or Hemerocallis – means emblem of Mother.
    Delphinium – means airy.
    Dogwood – means durability.

    Edelweiss – means daring noble courage.
    Eglantine – means spring poetry.
    Elderberry blossom – means humility and kindness.
    Everlasting – means constancy.

    Fennel – means strength.
    Fern – means sincerity, magic, fascination, confidence, shelter.
    Fir – means time evaluation.
    Forget me not – means faithful love, memories.
    Forsythia – means anticipation.
    Fuchsia – means amiability.

    Gardenia – means I love you in secret.
    Geranium Oak leaf – means friendship.
    Geranium rose – means preference.
    Gillyflower pink – means bonds of affection.
    Gladiolus – means strength of character, I am really sincere.
    Gloxinia – means love at first sight.
    Goldenrod – means treasure and good fortune.

    Heather purple – means admiration, beauty and solitude.
    Heather pink – means good luck.
    Heather white – means protection from danger.
    Heliotrope – means devotion, eternal love.
    Hibiscus – means delicate beauty.
    Holly – means foresight.
    Hollyhock – means ambition and liberality.
    Honeysuckle – means sweetness of disposition.
    Hyacinth – means games, sports.
    Hyacinth purple – means I am sorry, please forgive me, sorrow.
    Hyacinth white – means loveliness, I will pray for you.
    Hyacinth yellow – means jealousy.
    Hydrangea – means vanity, thank you for understanding, frigidity.

    Iris – means faith, wisdom, valor, your friendship means so much to me.
    Ivy – means friendship, wedded love, fidelity, friendship, affection.

    Jasmine red – means folly and glee.
    Jasmine white – means amiability and cheerfulness.
    Jasmine yellow – means timidity and modesty.
    Jonquil – means violent sympathy and desire, love me, affection returned.

    Lady’s Slipper – means capricious beauty.
    Larkspur – means open heart.
    Laurel – means success and renown.
    Lavender – means constancy.
    Lilac mauve – means do you still love me.
    Lilac pink – means youth and acceptance.
    Lilac white – means my first dream of love.
    Lily orange – means hatred and disdain, wealth, pride.
    Lily white – means majesty and purity, virginity.
    Lily of the valley – means purity and humility, sweetness.
    Lotus – means mystery and truth.
    Love in the mist or Nigella – means delicacy and perplexity.

    Magnolia – means dignity, splendid beauty.
    Marigold – means sacred affection, cruelty, grief, jealousy.
    Marjoram – means comfort and consolation.
    Marvel of Peru – means flame of love.
    Mistletoe – means affection and love.
    Mimosa – means sensitivity.
    Myrtle – means love, mirth and joy.

    Narcissus – means egotism, formality.
    Nasturtium – means patriotism.

    Oleander – means beauty and grace.
    Orange blossom – means your purity equals your loveliness, innocence, eternal love.
    Orange Mock – means deceit.
    Orchid – means magnificence, love, beauty, refinement.

    Pansy – means thoughtful recollection.
    Passionflower – means faith and piety.
    Peach blossom – means generosity and bridal hope.
    Pear blossom – means health and hope.
    Peony – means healing, life, happy marriage, gay life.
    Peppermint – means warmth of feelings.
    Periwinkle blue – means early friendship.
    Periwinkle white – means pleasures of memory.
    Petunia – means anger and resentment.
    Phlox – means sweet dreams.
    Plum blossom – means beauty and longevity.
    Poinsettia – means be of good cheer.
    Poppy – means imagination, dreaminess, eternal sleep.
    Poppy yellow – means wealth, success.
    Primrose – means young love, I cannot live without you.
    Primrose evening – means inconstancy.

    Queen Anne’s lace – means fantasy.

    Rose bridal – means happy love.
    Rose Carolina – means love is dangerous.
    Rose Christmas – means peace and tranquility.
    Rose coral, orange – means enthusiasm, desire.
    Rose dark pink – means thank you.
    Rose light pink – means admiration.
    Rose musk – means capricious beauty.
    Rose pale – means friendship.
    Rose peach – means let’s get together, closing of the deal.
    Rose pink – means love, grace, gentility, you are so lovely, perfect happiness, please believe me.
    Rose pink white – means I love you still and always will.
    Rose red – means love, desire, respect, courage, job well done.
    Rose red yellow – means congratulations.
    Rose white – means charm, secrecy, silence, you’re heavenly, reverence, humility, youthfulness and innocence.
    Rose white on red – means unity, emblem of England.
    Rose yellow – means infidelity, joy, gladness, friendship, jealousy, welcome back, remember me.
    Rose yellow orange – means passionate thoughts.
    Rosemary – means constancy, fidelity and loyalty.

    Salvia blue – means I think about you.
    Smilax – means lovely.
    Snapdragon – means presumption, deception, gracious lady.
    Snowdrop – means hope and consolation.
    Spearmint – means warmth of sentiment.
    Spider flower – means elope with me.
    Statice or Melaleuca – means lasting beauty.
    Stephanotis – means happiness in marriage.
    Stock – means bonds of affection, you will always be beautiful for me.
    Sunflower – means homage and devotion.
    Sweet Basil – means good luck.
    Sweet Pea – means departure, blissful pleasure, thanks for a lovely time.
    Sweet William – means gallantry, finesse and perfection.

    Thrift – means sympathy.
    Thyme – means courage and activity.
    Tiger Lily – means wealth and pride.
    Tuberose – means dangerous pleasures.
    Tulip – means symbol of the perfect lover.
    Tulip red – means believe me, declaration of love.
    Tulip variegated – means beautiful eyes.

    Violet – means modesty and simplicity.
    Viscaria – means will you dance with me?

    Wallflower – means friendship and adversity.
    Water Lily – means eloquence and persuasion.
    Wisteria – means youth and poetry.

    Xeranthemum – means eternity and immortality.

    Yarrow – means healing.

    Zinnia – means thoughts of absent friends.
    Zinnia pink – means lasting affection.