• Hyacinth

    The hyacinth is a sweet-smelling and popular garden flower. It grows from a bulb and blooms every spring with a cluster of bell-shaped flowers.

    The plant has fragrant clusters of single- and double-flowered blossoms – white, pink, blue, purple, or yellow. Today the Netherlands ships millions of hyacinth bulbs each year to all parts of the world.

    The plant grows well in gardens, hothouses, window boxes, and flowerpots. It can sometimes grown in bowls filled with pebbles and water. Bulbs planted during the autumn in rich, well drained soil will push up their leaves early in spring. In summer, when die blossoms are gone and the long slender leaves have turned yellow and withered, the bulbs may be dug up and stored in dry sand or straw for fall replanting.

    The grape hyacinth, a relative at the ordinary type, is popular in the United States. Water hyacinth is a water plant different.

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