• Phlox

    Phlox (floks). In Greek the name phlox means “flame.” The plant is so called from the red color of one species. The colors of others range from white and pink to purple. Many species of phlox are native to the United States. They are among the most abundant and showy of all wild flowers. One light lavender species is found commonly in moist woodlands throughout almost the whole north central and northeastern region. Another pink-flowered species grows in dense tufts on rocky ledges. Still others occur in the western states. Different kinds of phlox may occur at high or low altitudes, in areas that are dry, or in those that are moist. Some are annuals; others are perennial. Through many years of cultivation, hybridization, and selection, a very great variety of phlox is now grown in gardens. They are grown as annuals in many colors and forms. Others occupy places in the rock garden. Still others are among the most brilliant and easily grown of the summer perennials. Dozens of varieties have been named. Most of them are easily grown and flower abundantly from spring to autumn.

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