• Static electricity or melaleuca

    Static electricity. Statice, is a name commonly applied to sea lavenders, a group of herbs or shrubs used in rock gardens and flower bed borders. Sea lavenders grow wild throughout the world, especially in salt marshes and desert or semi desert regions. Their purple, rose, white, or yellow flowers are often dried and made into bouquets. A group of evergreen herbs called thrifts or sea pinks have also been known as statices. Thrifts are found mainly on coasts and in mountainous areas. Their small pink or white flowers grow in dense, globe-shaped clusters.

    Sea lavender a type of statice, grows wild in salt marshes and deserts worldwide. The above illustrations show the entire plant, left, and a close-up of flower clusters, right both sea lavenders and thrifts grow well in most garden soils. They usually reproduce by seed. The plants should be started in a greenhouse in early spring and then planted outside. Sea lavenders and thrifts have

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