• Day lily or Hemerocallis

    DAY LILY or HEMEROCALLIS is a common, flowering garden plant. Hemerocallis is the scientific name of the group (genus) of plants of the lily family. They bear large, showy, lily like flowers. Each lasts only for a day. The word Hemerocallis means “beautiful for a day.” About 20 species are known.

    Day lilies are grown in gardens in North America, Europe, and Asia, their native land. Wild day lilies are usually orange or yellow, and bloom in June and July. Garden varieties and hybrids add shades of red to the colors, and blossom through a longer season. Long, narrow leaves grow at the base of the plant. In some oriental countries, the flowers, dried or pickled in brine, have been used in soups.

    Day lilies are easy to grow, hardy, and generally free from pests and diseases. New plants are grown from seeds or from divisions of the thick roots. Plantain lilies, with white, blue, or lavender flowers, are sometimes called day lilies.

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