• Lily of the valley

    Lily of the valley belongs to the Lily family, and is natives of Europe, northern Asia, and the mountain region from Virginia to South Carolina in the United States. They are a favorite garden flower but often grow along roadsides and in open woods Lilies of the valley are long-lived perennials. The blossoms are usually waxy white, some are pinkish, some double. The fruit is a few-seeded red berry. The plants grow from fleshy bulblike crowns or pips on creeping, underground stems. Each pip sends up two large, dark green, long lasting leaves.

    Pips are planted in autumn or early spring. They do best in rich, leaf moldy soil, partly shaded. Well located plants spread rapidly and bloom year after year. They can be grown for indoor bloom in winter.

    Lilies of the valley are attractive in bouquets and corsages. A heart medicine is made from the roots. The leaves are poisonous when eaten, and may cause the skin to become red or inflamed.

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