Blue Flowers

Blue flowers are one of the most surprising plants. They can give colors to any garden. You can plant them separately or to mix with other flowers, in order to collect in your garden all the colors of rainbow.

At plants landing it is necessary to follow the instructions written on the label of packing. It is necessary to buy plants which suit for cultivation in your environmental conditions. The plant which needs sunlight won’t be able to survive in a dark place, and finally you will be disappointed in the received results.

Also, it is necessary to know about when there comes the period of flowering at different plants. If you plant in your garden the perennial plants with the different periods of flowering, you can achieve that your garden will blossom all the year long. Also it is necessary to consider the height of the plants, do not forget that the highest of them are better for planting in the back part of your garden.

Here you can see some kinds of flowers that you can plant in your garden:

1. The blue pearl (Polemonuimaka).

This plant with sky blue flowers can reach 25 cm in height. It blossoms, since late spring till early summer. It is necessary to plant in a shady place with good drained soil.

2. The holly color of the sea.

The characteristic of this plant are cone-shaped flowers with long peaked petals of lavender color. It reaches 75 cm in height and perfectly suits for compositions with the dried flowers. It has to be planted under the direct solar beams. Flowering occurs in late summer.

3. The blue butterfly (Delphiniumaka).

Bright gentle blue flowers decorate this plant that blossoms in the beginning and the middle of summer. It reaches 25 cm in height and prefers solar places with the damp soil enriched by necessary elements.

4. The blue carpet (Campanulaaka).

The flowers of this plant can be from bright-blue to lilac colors. It blossoms for several weeks in the middle of summer. This perennial plant reaches 10 cm in height and prefers solar place with good drained soil.

5.  The blue buckle (Penstemonaka).

This plant has flowers from dark blue to violet colors in the form of pipes. Flowering occurs, since the middle of summer till early autumn. In reaches 38 cm in height and prefers well drained soil under full or partial influence of the sun.

6. The hydrangea blue scale equal (Hydrangeaaka).

This bush has a lot of blue flowers blossoming throughout the whole summer. In autumn the color of the plant changes to gold. This is a new kind of the plants preferring enriched soil. It grows well both in shady places, and under partial or constant solar beams.

7. The immortelle.

It has blue flowers of the average size, and also brilliant green leaves which form some kind of land cover. This plant reaches 15 cm in height and blossoms in the middle of spring. Prefers damp soil and the presence either shade, or sun.

8. The bronze beauty (Ajugaaka).

This is a low bush plant with spikelet blue flowers which grow very quickly. The bronze beauty ideally suits for creation of plant covering on beds. It blossoms in spring and prefers shady places.

9. The cornflower.

This is a bush perennial plant with the flowers of blue color. It blossoms since June till October. This plant loves a lot of sun and constantly attracts butterflies and humming-birds.

10. The Babylon blue verbena.

This is a plant with violet-blue flowers. It blossoms in early spring. It perfectly suits for cultivation in external boxes for plants and in pots.