Saint-John's-wort or hyperycum

Saint-John’s-wort, also called hyperycum, is the name of a group of about 300 species of herbs and shrubs with large yellow flowers. Most St.-John’s-worts grow in the temperate and warmer regions of the St-John’s-wort has colorful flowers and hardy greenery. Many people use this shrub as a border in gardens.

Northern Hemisphere. The plants are usually low shrubs. Some St-John’s-worts are evergreen. The flowers of these plants bloom in clusters in summer. Pink or purplish flowers are rare. St-John’s-worts grow well in loam or moist, sandy soil. Some grow well in shady locations. The larger St-John’s-worts form rounded bushes when grown alone. The smaller ones make good low borders or ground cover in gardens. The gold-flower is a hybrid. Scientific classification. The St-John’s-wort belongs to the St-John’s-wort family, Hypericaceae. The scientific name for the goldflower is Hypericum moseranum.