• Blazing star

    Blazing star is the name of a group of wild flowers They grow mainly on prairies and meadows in the eastern and midwestern United States. People sometimes call these flowers button snakeroot or gayfeather. The blazing star is a tall, slender plant from 1 to 6 feet 130 to 180 centimeters) high. Thick clusters, or heads, of small purple or rose-red blossoms grow along the stem on thin spikes up to 18 inches (46 centimeters) long. The heads are surrounded by bracts, or modified leaves, the same color as theflowers. These spikes, or wands, of blossoms resemble a shooting star, for which the flower Is named. The name blazing star has also been given to asters, goldenrods, and several thistles.

    Scientific classification. Blazing stars make up the genus Liatris in the composite family, Asteraceae or Compositae.

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