• Annual

    ANNUAL Plants that grow from seed, blossom, produce fruits and seeds, and die (root and all) within one year are called annuals. Only their seeds live on, to produce new plants in future years. Most annuals live their whole life during one spring-to-fall growing season. Some, called winter annuals, begin to grow in autumn, live through winter, produce seeds, and die the following spring or summer.

    Annuals grow wild in most parts of the world. Many of them have long been cultivated (grown) by man. These include such useful plants as corn, wheat, rice, other cereal grains, peas, and beans. Annual garden flowers have blossoms of different color, shape, size, and blooming times. Petunias, sweet peas, and zinnias are examples of annual flowers. Many weeds are also annuals.

    Plants that are annuals under some conditions may be biennials or even perennials. For example, some weeds grow as annuals where winters are very cold, but are biennials to warmer climates.

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