• Anthurium

    Anthurium is the name of a large genus of flowering plants native to tropical regions (Tropical Flowers) in North and South America. There are about 1,100 species of anthuriums. They grow wild chiefly in rain forests. They also are cultivated in greenhouses and gardens.

    Many wild anthuriums wrap around tree trunks and branches, though some grow along the ground. Most anthuriums have large evergreen leaves shaped like hearts. In some species, the leaves are lobed or separated.

    The pink flamingo; also, is one of the most commonly cultivated anthuriums. Anthuriums are grown for their beautiful leaves and brightly colored leaf like spathes, rated into fingerlike leaflets. Anthuriums bear very small flowers tightly packed on a cylindrical fleshy stalk called a spadix. The spadix rises from a shiny, leaf-like spathe, which is often brightly colored.

    One of the most commonly cultivated anthuriums is the pink flamingo, also called flamingo lily. This plant has a bright pink spathe that lasts several weeks. Gardeners also grow anthuriums for their attractive leaves. The leaf veins of some species are outlined in pale green to silvery white against a dark green or purple background.

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